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First-of-its-kind LIVE Broadcast on December 11th:

Market Wizard Larry Benedict
Reveals “The Foolproof 50”

“Here’s the secret I used to generate $274 Million in
Pure Profit… And how you can use it yourself
beginning December 11th.”

We tracked him down to his Florida mansion, where he’ll
reveal how you could generate $208,000 in 12 months…
by ignoring 99.1% of the stocks in the market.

Take your spot for the first-ever live event
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Dear Reader,

On Wednesday, December 11th, you’re invited to participate in a first-of-its-kind event…

It’s an opportunity for you to learn how to generate $208,000 (or more) over the next 12 months…

Without buying stocks or using complicated options strategies.

Because on that date, a former $1 billion hedge fund manager and official Market Wizard, Larry Benedict, will allow you to watch him trade LIVE from his South Florida mansion…

…win or lose…

…using his own money… to show you the biggest untold secret of the trading world.

Our video team will broadcast live from Larry’s home office… where he once managed roughly one billion dollars…

  • Look carefully at what Larry will do in his personal account within the first 10 minutes. This alone could pay for 80% of your retirement, even if you’ve never traded before in your life!
  • You’ll see Larry open a “loophole” in his trading account. 99% of the public has no idea it exists, but watch Larry attempt to pull up to $70,000 out of it in less than 1 day.

Keep in mind: This is a real demo of an investment secret that was kept private for 30 years among some of the world’s wealthiest families. If he doesn’t get it right, Larry could lose money.

Either way, we’ll show his full results, and leave out nothing.

But we doubt he’ll lose…

This is not some “DIY day trader” or dilettante. Larry is one of the best pure moneymakers on the planet.

There are still days — just trading his own money — where he will make six figures or more in 8 hours. (In fact, we were in his office a few weeks ago when he told us he’d made over $350,000 in just about a week and a half!)

On December 11th, we’ll show you the live results of his trading, regardless of what “kind of day” Larry is having.

You’ll also learn:

  • How Larry was able to generate 95 million dollars in 2008 — a year when most of the world lost 30-50% of their retirement savings. (This info is especially useful given the threat of a coming crash.)
  • Why 1 specific day of the week has an enormous impact on your money.
  • Why 90 out of 100 traders fail to make money over the long run (and how you can avoid this dangerous pattern).
  • The results of our $25,000 experiment. We staked Larry with our own money, to PROVE to you what a real pro can do with a modest amount.
  • The results from our “average guy” test run. Brian Hronsky, a guy with limited experience trading, placed 18 of Larry’s recommendations. We’ll show you his full results — winners and any losers. I know you’ll be surprised by his results.

This event is free to attend online. But we’re expecting massive demand and urge you to make a reservation as soon as possible:

Who is Larry Benedict — and why is he
sharing his methods with the public?

Over an 8-year period, spanning 2004-2012, Larry and his firm generated more than $274 million for himself and their clients.

Those numbers are nearly unbelievable at first glance. But an independent auditor in San Francisco verified these results.

When he was running his fund, Banyan Capital, Larry had roughly 1 billion dollars under management. Some of the richest and most powerful institutions, families, and individuals entrusted their money to him, such as:

  • The crown prince of a large oil-producing nation
  • A leading software mogul (who is worth more than $20 billion)
  • The Canadian government
  • A billionaire New York family

Among many others….

It’s no wonder Barron’s named Larry Benedict one of the top 100 hedge fund managers in the world…

…among the top 1% of moneymakers on the planet…

On multiple separate occasions.

And, as I mentioned, Larry was a Market Wizard. He had an entire chapter written about him in this famous financial series.

To give you some perspective, Paul Tudor Jones, Jeff Yass, and Stanley Druckenmiller — all billionaires — featured in Market Wizards as well.

(In fact, Larry’s chapter comes right after the chapter on billionaire hedge fund manager and legend Ray Dalio.)

But what is perplexing to many…

(And I must admit, it made us wonder early on…)

Is this:

With all of his success (he’s probably made enough money that his kids’ kids would never have to work)…

Why in the world would he want to share his ideas and methods with you, on December 11th at 8 pm Eastern?

His answer made us even more excited about this partnership.

He’s entered a stage in his life where he’s been so fortunate, he wants to give back. He believes there’s a wealth of bad information out there about generating wealth, trading, and investing…

From folks who have never made a real million in their lives!

Normally, none of the Market Wizards ever reveal ALL of their secrets.

For example, did Paul Tudor Jones ever really reveal the secrets that made him rich in 1987?

Did Steve Cohen ever share the proprietary secrets that made him one of the world’s richest hedge fund managers?

Finally, for the first time, on December 11th, one of the “Wizards” will step forward and explain his method.

Larry wants to do his part to pass along the tips and secrets that have been so powerfully effective for him, and helped him retire early.

And that’s why we’re hosting this event for you on December 11th.

Because Larry is such a big advocate of giving back…

We’ve also partnered with a local charity, Boca Helping Hands.

Boca Helping Hands is an A-rated charity that does great work for the less fortunate in South Florida.

They believe in giving a “hand up” — not handouts.

They provide meals… job training… and various other programs. We met with them in our offices and were very impressed.

If Larry wins his live trade, he will donate ALL of his winnings to Boca Helping Hands.

Just make sure you’re registered, so you don’t miss out on this event:

If nothing else, show up on December 11th for the surprising details on where Larry thinks you should put your money for the next two weeks.

Hint: It’s not Bitcoin, gold, or any ordinary stock — but it could end up handing you a greater profit than any other investment you’ve touched in 2019.

Note: He will reveal the details of this opportunity on the Q&A portion of the event.

To ensure you don’t miss it… simply enter your email address here:

This is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience: interactive, eye-opening, educational, and — potentially — very lucrative for you.

We’ll talk again soon.

All the best,

Fernando Cruz
Host, America’s First-Ever Trade-a-Thon

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